Best Deep Fryers: Reviews & Consumer Reports

We put seven deep fryers to the test, frying over 30 pounds of food and determined that the Cuisinart is the best deep fryer for most home cooks.  We recommend this fryer for its solid and attractive construction, large frying basket, fast heating capability and restaurant-quality results. First of all, who needs a deep fryer?

If you’re someone who loves to make crispy fried treats at home, a deep fryer may be a great option. They have regulated temperature controls and easy-to-use food baskets,   making them easier than just frying on a stovetop. Just make sure you choose one that leaves you with enough countertop space to do prep work.

Here’s our list of the top 5 best deep fryers according to the consumer reports.

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Top 5 Best Deep Fryers in the Market – Detailed Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

What we tested, which is the Best Deep Fryer for Home Use?

So, how did we test? First, we tested how much food could fit into each fryer while maintaining a standard food-to-oil ratio, and then we tested how long it took each fryer to heat up to frying temperature. Next, we considered how easy it was to insert each basket into the oil pot, testing to see if there were dangerous oil splatters in the process.  From there, we measured the oil temperature in each fryer with a secondary thermometer   to see if the fryer’s thermostat was accurate, and we considered the wattage of each fryer too.

Finally, we tested how convenient each fryer was to operate, assemble and clean. Before for a shopping to pick a best deep fryer, you can check out our links above for more detail on each deep fryer.

1. Cuisinart – CDF-200: The Cuisinart took the top spot for best overall fryer in our tests. It’s aesthetically pleasing and well-constructed.  Plus, it’s convenient to clean. This fryer has a large basket that can accommodate a whopping two and a half pounds of food, and its 1800-watt power means that it heats oil quickly and can maintain temperatures well when food is added.  Finally, and most importantly, it produces restaurant-quality fried food. The only downside we found with the Cuisinart was that its reheat time was slightly slower than its competitors.  However, it did maintain a sufficient temperature to cook all the test foods evenly and without any oily residue.

2. T-Fal – FR8000 Ultimate EZ Clean: The T-Fal came in as a strong second in our tests with great frying results as well. It got high marks from us for its patented oil-filtration system that makes clean-up a breeze, and also allows you to easily re-use oil. The entire fryer (with the exception of the heating oil) is safe for the dishwasher. Plus, it has well-designed handles and grips that keep the fry basket firmly in place.

Why didn’t it beat out the Cuisinart for the number one spot? Well, its inability to reheat the oil to the optimal frying temperature once food was added contributed to our ultimate rating choice.

3. Presto – 05420 Fry Daddy: Now, we discuss about some of our other finalists. We love the Presto for its low price tag if you’re looking for a solid budget pick. It produced consistent temperatures, and has a super simple design. It only has one, non-adjustable temperature which makes it easy to use and handles most frying tasks without an issue. Plus it’s super easy to clean and store. However, if you’re a fried-food connoisseur, it probably makes sense to make a bigger investment such as the Cuisinart or T-fal.

4. Bayou Classic – 700-701: The Bayou Classic is in a completely different class, which warranted its slot in the top-five. It has a much larger capacity than our other machines and delivered top-notch results at higher volumes. It’s excellent for larger scale cooking if you need it, but the size makes it not ideal for most home cooks.

5. Presto – Cool Daddy Cool Touch: Though this Presto – Cool Daddy Cool Touch is not dishwasher safe, which may be an inconvenience for some, it is super easy to clean – a rarity for most deep fryers. We like that you can move it without burning yourself, which is a unique feature, but we don’t like that heating time was slow and never reached optimal temperatures in our tests.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts: According to Consumer Reports

Thinking of adding a best deep-fryer to your kitchen collection? It’s perfect for creating crunchy and delectable treats for a casual party or an indulgent night alone. So, in the end, we recommend the Cuisinart – CDF-200 for the best of the best fried food.

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