Best Air Fryers: Reviews & Guide

The best air fryers on the market vary in terms of the features they offer the ease of use and of course price which can make selecting the best air fryer tricky prospect there are several factors we’ve considered which includes cooking ability, functionality, cleaning capacity, ease of use, safety, durability, and cost.

Apart from our own consideration, we’ve also weighed in user reviews from independent reviewers to make a final decision on how good an air fryer is. We always try to keep the up-to-date information with updated pricing and that will help you to make better buying decisions. Here are we lists our top 5 Air fryer models available in the market.

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Top 5 Best Air Fryers in the Market – Detailed Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

5. Philips HD9240/94 Air Fryer

Philips HD9240/94 Air FryerIf you enjoy Philips air fryer’s but need one that has a larger capacity than the Philips HD9240/94 could be right for you. This model contains a 60-minute timer with an automatic on/off setting so you don’t have to sit around minding your food when cooking is complete; speaking of cooking well that’s the most important aspect of an air fryer and this appliance excels at it. What helps us air fire propel its way to the list is the implementation of rapid air technology.

The technology enables you to fry, grill and raised food as efficiently as possible and keeps a smell down to a minimum perfect for a shared living arrangement.

There is a lot of talk regarding the patented starfish design at the bottom of the cooking area so what are the advantages of this well combined with the rapid air technology it circulates hot air around the entire unit to ensure all food is evenly cooked. We put this to the test with chicken pieces, chip, and fish all of which came out crispy and equally browned on all sides.

Of course as recommended by most recipes weal so flip the food items midway through cooking don’t expect the same results, if you don’t do this overall it was clear all sides of the food were exposed to the hot air circulating around the fryer weighs in at 15.4 pounds with a capacity of 2.65 pounds. It’s a pretty hefty unit and it will have a large footprint on your tabletop.

It’s perfect if you’re looking to feed around 4 people but if you’re a single person or a couple it’s better to look for as smaller air fryer such as the Philips HD9220. There is also a smart preset button to save your cooking setting for when you want to cook the same dish again however we did find the mesh basket to be a bit bothersome to clean as food and residue can get caught between the grates if you’re ok with an air fryer taking up a lot of space then the Philips XL comes with our recommendation.

4. T-Fal Actifry Air Fryer

T-Fal Actifry Air FryerT-Fal Actifry Air Fryer solves one of the main issues that plague all air fryers flipping food over most air fryers require the user to take out the basket midway through the cooking and then flip over the food.

We tested a variety of foods and the results are all positive chicken wings especially came out evenly cooked and passed a crispy outside moist inside test. The unit also comes with a tablespoon which we use top our one unit of oil over the food for that extra level of Chris penis.

We love the super simplistic design, we know that air frying doesn’t require too much temperature monitoring and it’s apparent that T-Fal has implemented this knowledge in the design. There is only an on/off button and a timer control that displays a digital countdown which can be set up to 99 minutes.

There is no temperature dial with this unit heating up to 338 degrees Fahrenheit and staying there the intuitive design almost hits a home run but falls short on the timer implementation once the timer expires there’s no auto shutoff with only a buzzer sounding it means the unit will continue cooking your food until you manually turn it off. In regards to cleaning it’s a straightforward and accessible process with the pan LED and paddles all being detachable and dishwasher friendly.

You can also purchase a mesh basket to help cook more delicate items but this will make the cleaning job slightly harder the 2.9 liter capacity means that up to 2.2 pounds of food can be cooked at any one time which means you can produce more than two servings in one sitting with air fryers.

You can get away with very simplistic controls and at T-Fal has demonstrated this wonderfully, there are some issues with the intuitive paddle implementing a non-existent auto shutoff feature but the air fire gets the job done when it comes to cooking food if the simple issue is mentioned were fixed this model would probably be at number one number.

3. Philips Air Fryer HD9220/28

Philips Air Fryer HD9220/28Philips air fryer HD9220/28 is the most popular air fryer offered by Philips. The HD HD9220/28 is compact and offers outstanding cooking results for those wanting an analogue user experience this air fryer turns out to be a solid choice. You’ll find a dial on the front used to adjust the time and the temperature dial embedded on the top edge.

We especially love the placement of the temperature dial as it feels more solid and easier to adjust. It’s also embedded into the appliance meaning the plastic shell was effectively protecting the dial like other Philips air fryer’s this one also uses a patented starfish and rapid air technology to produce excellent cooking results.

We found food items like chicken, chips and fish to come out crispy and browned evenly. We did add a teaspoon of oil in each of our testing scenarios as indicated by the recipes that came with the hundred and fifty plus recipe book.

The flipside is that it will last longer as it makes use of less electronics and moving parts, so if you must have a branded Philips air fryer that will likely last the longest it’s best to get this model over the digital one.

Note that this models timer is half of the HD9240/94 at thirty minutes and its capacity is 1.75 pounds versus 2.65 pounds. There won’t be an issue with cooking most recipes as they take less than thirty minutes but you’ll only be cooking for two for any more people you’re better off getting the larger model.

Overall this air fryer is an excellent pick for anyone looking to get a quality analog appliance that does a fine cooking job. We do find it would be slightly expensive considering the limited accessories that come with a unit.

4. GOWISE 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer

GOWISE 4th Generation Electric Air FryerThe GOWISE 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer features seven presets to easily cook chicken, steak, fish, meat, shrimp, chips and cake. It also allows you to manually adjust the temperature and time if required. The presets make the job all too easy in the included fifty recipe book is great for beginners.

When cooking is complete a beep will sound off and a unit will switch to a standby mode and your food sits in a detachable nonstick Calphalon coated cooking basket which itself sits in a draw. The smart design means that when you pull out the draw you can then detach the basket via a button guard which prevents the draw from dropping off.

The parts that you need to clean the cooking basket and the drawer our dishwasher safe making the job super easy a cloth with warm water should be able to get the job done.

It must be noted that the timer is only for thirty minutes which is enough for almost all cases but it still would have been nice to have an option to set it to 60 minutes.

Considering the price we didn’t expect to get any accessories with this model and the true is you don’t need them. However, if you do plan on cooking frequently with liquids or semi-liquid ingredients you may want to take a look at purchasing some accessories.

In our testing this model cooked food to an outstanding level equal to the best model on the market. The chicken wings were evenly browned and tender on the inside the chips were equally crispy for this price this model exceeded our expectations.

This air fryer is flashy, sleek and will look great on the modern table. Compared to the aforementioned it’s over three times cheaper but offers comparably good results. Top it off with a one-year warranty and the GOWISE is the best budget digital air fryer on the market today.

1. Philips HD 9641/96 Air Fryer

Philips HD 9641/96 Air FryerPhilips introduced the world to the very first air fryer way back in 2010, since then they have gone on to dominate the market having sold millions of units to hungry customers around the world.

In many cases the popularity of a product is not always correlated with how good it is but with Philips HD 9641/96 nothing could be further from the truth. This model is part of the Avant’s collection and represents one of Philips three product lineups the other two being the XXL collection and the daily collection.

The HD964 1/96 features a 1.8 pound capacity which is easily large enough to accommodate two people without having to cook multiple batches for most food item. For smaller snack meals you’ll be able to satiate up to four hungry mouths in one go, upon first look you’ll notice an analogue style knob and digital display.

It’s a bit of a rare combination amongst most air fryers that either go completely analog or digital as it turns out the knob makes using the display an extremely easy tax. Simply turn it to set temperature, time and select one of the presets if you wish. A click between these actions ensures your selection takes effect it’s one of the easy and most intuitive interface systems.

We’ve come across whereas previous Philips models have used a starfish design at the bottom of the container this new generation uses what is called a turbo star design. It looks somewhat similar but it’s supposed to promote the airflow even further to ensure 50% more even cooking

As expected the removable basket is dishwasher safe and features a non-stick coating to make cleaning a breeze. Unfortunately, the only accessories included are the free recipe book, app and the cooking basket which can be used for baking cakes. You’ll also have an option of purchasing a grill pan with skewers as additional cooking accessories.

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